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Our Mission

"We are committed to providing the highest quality organically grown specialty products from around the world at competitive prices. We seek to improve the quality of life not only of our customers but also of our suppliers and their communities by promoting the popularity of organically-grown foods world-wide."
- Bruce Nierenberg and David Robinov, Co-Founders

The sun-baked soils of the Mediterranean basin yield the finest, most flavorful produce in the world, and are home to some of the healthiest cuisines. Until now, organic versions of many of these foods have not been widely available, even in natural food stores. But at last American consumers who yearn for the intense flavors enjoyed by the peoples of those ancient lands can satisfy their longings without compromise. Mediterranean Organic®, a division of Global Organic Brands, LLC, offers a nationally branded range of certified organic specialty foods that fill a glaring gap at gentle prices.

Mediterranean Organic®'s produce are gathered from farmlands lapped by the wine-dark sea of Homeric epic and continually cultivated for thousands of years. The fields, orchards and groves from which they are harvested are untouched by chemicals and fertilized with natural composts. The combination of organic methods, unique soils, ample Mediterranean sunshine and scrupulous care in harvesting and preparation results in products of supreme flavor and consistent quality.

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