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Mediterranean Organic® products are high quality, organically grown, specialty products sourced from the Mediterranean region. The products range from imported Italian preserves and marmalades to a variety of olives, roasted red peppers, capers, stuffed grape leaves and other Mediterranean offerings.

Mediterranean Organic's® produce are gathered from farmlands lapped by the wine-dark sea of Homeric epic and continually cultivated for thousands of years. The fields, orchards and groves from which they are harvested are untouched by chemicals and fertilized with natural composts. The combination of organic methods, unique soils, ample Mediterranean sunshine and scrupulous care in harvesting and preparation results in products of supreme flavor and consistent quality.

The preserves & marmalades are artisan crafted with 100% organic fruits. This is a "one of kind" fruit preserve and not a fruit spread. Grown in the Calabria Region of Italy, the producers use old-fashioned passion to create absolutely amazing tasting preserves and marmalades.


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