Empower/Alliance®/LC/MS System
Ability to develop and transfer analytical methods faster
Common laboratory challenges in implementing LC/MS:
• Compliance with 21 CFR Part 11
• Incorporating LC/MS into an enterprise-wide client/server system

Polymer Characterization
Get the right answer the first time:
• Integrated platform designed from the ground up for triple detection
• Most sensitive detectors on the market provide unsurpassed chromatographic data
• Software for calibration, integration and total system management

Polymer Analysis

Choose the right room temperature GPC System:
• Designed for industrial quality control or small laboratory environment
• Easy to use, quick start up, all system functions on one screen
• Works day in and day out for a wide range of GPC application

Accurate and sensitive analysis of pesticides and related compounds:
• Avoid false positives
• Meet strict regulatory requirements
• Exceed EPA method detection limits

Science-based solutions for the nutraceutical marketplace:
• Tools that measure the variation in raw materials
• Dependable, industry recognized analytical methods
• Isolation and identification of natural products

Breeze System
HPLC system for unregulated (Government/University) laboratories:
• High uptime, high reliability
• World-class support
• Cost effective, easy to learn, easy to use

Empower™ Software
Compliance-ready HPLC data management software:
• Advanced security features
• Audit trails and reporting
• Data integrity
• 21 CFR Part 11 Ready

Choose the interface that matches your job:

QuickStart is a new user interface based upon a single window construct. QuickStart highlights where the user is within the application at all times, presenting required functionality to allow chemists to run the assays they need without confusion.
Pro user interface is perfect for system administrators or anyone who needs total control and access to all software functions.
Web user interface makes accessing information for remote users easy via the World Wide Web or an intranet.
Open Access interface is for walk-up users. It lets them select the method and the number of samples they need to run and then start them with the click of a mouse.

Versatile multi-vendor instrument control:
• Standardized operations across all systems
• Compliance-ready across all systems
• Maximized instrument investments

Enhanced productivity tools:
• User-defined calculations
• Customized reporting
• Adaptable search tools
• User-defined parameters to track samples

Powerful LC/MS solution:
• Intuitive, scalable, productive
• Convert samples into useful knowledge
• LC/MS purification designed to meet your needs

Automated HPLC Methods Development System:
• Decreased training costs
• Fast, accurate, robust
• Easy method transfer

2695D/248/2996/Transfer Module
Total system solution for regulatory compliance:
• Always on, always available
• Increased productivity, quick answers

High Throughput Drug Discovery System
• Fast, proven, robust, reliable
• Smarter tools for intelligent solutions
• Increased productivity with Waters® ZQ and MUX

Compliance Services to meet cGMP/GLP requirements:
• Waters trained Compliance Service Specialists
• Waters Compliance Service Workbooks
• Total Assurance Plans/ Total Assurance Warranties Connections University has the services and training you need to stay ahead:
• Connections University
• Connections Elite Support Center
• Performance Assurance Plans

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