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Fueled by the combined strengths of Waters, Micromass Limited and TA Instruments, our technology is smarter, faster and more comprehensive than ever before. In fact, only Waters can meet all of your lab’s most critical needs: instrumentation, software, chemistry and support. We're Waters Corporation. And we're right on time.

2695 Separations Module
The 2695 Separations Module is the heart of every Alliance® System. It is based on the integrated configuration for solvent and sample management pioneered in the 2690 Separations Module, and augmented through design innovations aimed at meeting more stringent user expectations.

Waters Alliance HPLC Systems
Alliance Systems are always on, always working. The new Alliance Systems incorporate bold, innovative technologies that significantly reduce the possibility of unscheduled downtime and take reliability to a whole new level. You can leave your HPLC system running samples on its own and be confident that it’s achieving optimum performance levels.

Waters Empower™ Software
Empower Software makes everyone in your lab more productive. Now chemists can work with the interface most appropriate for their job.
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Waters 2996 Photodiode Array Detector
New features of the 2996 PDA detector include the new lamp housing with 2000-hour lamp, a cuvette holder that makes qualification easier and greater control via the new Empower™ PDA software.

Waters Alliance® HT System
The Waters® Alliance HT System, now under Empower™ and MassLynx™ software control, can help to remove sample capacity and format limitations from HPLC and LC/MS applications.

MassLynx™ 4.0 Software
MassLynx 4.0 high performance mass spectrometry software converts samples into knowledge faster than ever before with enhanced flexibility, adaptability and openness.

Waters ZQ™ Mass Detector
Measuring just over 15 inches (39 cm) wide, the ZQ Mass Detector is equipped with the Micromass®-patented ZSpray™ LC/MS interface to deliver more ruggedness and sensitivity than any single quad. Now you can choose your preferred results management software - MassLynx™ or Empower™ software.

Waters CapLC® System
The Waters® CapLC System offers true capillary LC technology for both HPLC (PDA and Dual Wavelength Absorbance Detectors) and LC/MS(MS) applications.

Waters FractionLynx™ MS and UV Autopurification Systems
The Waters® FractionLynx MS-based and UV-based Autopurification Systems increase sample throughput, simplify the automated purification process, maximize efficiency and expedite the discovery and development cycle.

Waters Alliance® System for Carbamate Analysis
Strict regulatory requirements demand the detection of carbamates at levels below 1 ppb. The precision and accuracy of Waters® Alliance HPLC System for Carbamate Analysis enables the detection of carbamates at concentrations of 0.2 ppb.

Waters Alliance® GPC 2000 Series Systems
Alliance GPC 2000 Series Systems provide polymer technologists with unprecedented accuracy, precision and reproducibility of molecular weight and structural information from polymer samples – from ambient to elevated temperature.

Waters Empower™ GPC/V/LS Software
For polymer chemists who need to process dRI, viscometer and light scattering data, all you need is one data management software—Empower™ GPC/V/LS Software.

Waters Alliance® Dissolution System
Waters® Alliance Dissolution System delivers a superior level of quality and productivity by combining highly precise and reliable, automated online sample acquisition with the unmatched performance of Alliance system technology and compliance-enabling software.