Symmetry®, SymmetryShield™ and Symmetry300™ Columns
Symmetry® HPLC columns continue to set the standard for reproducibility. Symmetry® columns deliver high throughput for your HPLC applications without sacrificing resolution.

SymmetryShield™ columns can radically improve peak shape and resolution for basic compounds over a much broader pH range. This reversed-phase column is based on a lig and which contains an embedded polar group that reduces the silanol interaction with highly basic analytes. It also offers a unique selectivity that can be used to enhance resolution of your separation. SymmetryShield™ columns are 100% aqueous compatible.

Symmetry300™ columns have been specifically designed to provide maximum reproducibility and material recovery in the field of biopharmaceuticals. These 300Å reversed-phase HPLC columns are optimized for protein and peptide assays.

YMC™ Columns and Packings
It’s about giving the customer what they need: Performance in the format they require.
YMC™ offers 25 different stationary phases in:
• Particle sizes from 3 to 350 µm
• Porosities from 60 to 300 Å
• 15 column diameters from 0.32 to 200 mm
• 11 column lengths from 10 to 1000 mm
• Chemistries for reversed phase, normal phase and aqueous size exclusion chromatography

Polarity™ Columns
Waters unveils a new line of silica-based HPLC columns that exhibit superior retention of polar compounds. Polarity columns can be operated in 100% aqueous mobile phases without fear of de-wetting. These columns are available in a wide range of sizes: from capillary to prep.
• Superior retention of polar compounds
• Designed to operate and thrive in 100% aqueous mobile phases
• Minimal de-wetting under all conditions (even stop flow!)
• Excellent peak shape at all pHs
• Minimal detectable bleed
• Difunctional C18 bonding chemistry
• Mass Spectrometry compatible
• Extended column lifetime
• Enhanced low pH stability

Oasis® Sample Extraction Products
Oasis is the Key to high throughput Solid-Phase Extraction:
• Universal Oasis® HLB Sorbent - One sorbent, one method for all your general SPE needs
• Selective Oasis® MCX/MAX Sorbent - Extraction of basic (MCX) or acidic and neutral (MAX) drugs from urine and plasma with no conditioning
• Versatile Oasis® 96-Well Extraction Plates - Compatible w/ all liquid handling robotic systems for easily automated reliable HT-LC-MS/MS
• On-line Oasis® HLB Extraction Columns - Ultrafast bioanalysis with direct plasma injections (2.1 x 20mm)
Oasis® HLB Sorbent-The first water-wettable polymeric SPE sorbent
The Oasis® sorbent is the enabling technology for all high throughput assays in drug metabolism whether using cartridges, plates, columns or Prospekt™ cartridges.

Sample Prep
Speed up your Sample Prep processes:
Maximize the performance of your Waters Instrumentation with Waters Sample Vials.
• Designed to enhance the performance of Waters HPLC equipment
• Eliminate the need for low volume inserts with the Alliance® Total Recovery, Maximum Recovery vials and new 8x40 mm Total Recovery shell vials.
• LectraBond™ bonded caps and septa, eliminates the potential of the septa dislodging during needle insertion
• Faster throughput with Quick-Thread design vials
Solid-Phase Extraction:
Simple, reliable and accurate methods with Sep-Pak® cartridges. An alternative to liquid-liquid extraction.

Breaking Boundaries:
Scientists have been forced to work within certain boundaries when performing HPLC separations. Restrictions on speed, resolution, pH, temperature, and loading capacity were forced upon the chromatographer by limitations of the stationary phase material.
Waters Hybrid Particle Technology has enabled XTerra‚ columns to combine the benefits of silica and polymer based particles without any of their disadvantages. XTerra‚ columns exhibit high mechanical strength, high efficiency, the ability to separate a wide range of compounds, increased sample loading, high chemical (pH) and temperature stability, and little to no peak tailing.

XTerra® Prep
XTerra® Prep Columns Breaking Boundaries in Prep Chromatography with Drug Discovery: It’s speed without sacrificing purity or mass load capacity. It’s mass load capacity without sacrificing purity or speed. It’s the solution for all your isolation/purification needs.