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Kakes for EveryoneThank you for choosing us!

Bad Kat was created around so many aspects of my life. It combines my love for Art, Travel & Food.
I wanted to tie the many adventures and travels of my life into my cupcakes.

Each flavor has a story...

Made with an assortment of cordials, including a variety of beers, each cupcake is unique. Both frosting and cake are created from scratch and with only the finest ingredients, to make them De’lish. The main focus was an “adult” cupcake that the big kids could easily enjoy, at any type of event! However we also offer a full line of “Kitten Kakes” which was inspired by my young son.

Now everyone is happy!

Kicking things off in my home after over ten years of working in the commercial real estate business, I am thrilled at the response I have been getting and am so pleased to be opening a location in Pawtucket, Rhode Island at 29 Exchange Street (In the Times Building). I love to visit with those who love our BAD KAT signature Kupkakes as much as I do.

Getting to channel all of my creativity into my Kakes is my favorite part.  I love the prospect of trying a new recipe and searching out the flavors and combinations I think will rock the taste buds! Each day brings new ideas and challenges. Bad Kat looks forward to bringing those tasty end results into your life for you to enjoy.



Carol, Creator, Owner, Baker
Creator ~ Owner ~ Baker
Bad Kat Kupkakes