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What dogs will need to travel:

  • Collar clearly marked with name of dog and phone number of rescue group, or new home
  • Any special instructions, written clearly on envelope
  • Description of dog on the envelope, with the dog's name
  • Medical record
  • Health certificate: A health certificate only states that an animal is free from infectious diseases and current on all vaccinations. It does not indicate that the animal itself is in good health. This is not a letter or memo from your vet stating the dog is healthy... it is a multiple carbon copy, USDA certified document filled out completely. Nothing but one of these forms will be accepted. This is required by law and also protects everyone involved... the person sending the dog, ourselves and the adopter or receiving rescue to help ensure the dog is healthy and up to date on shots. These certificates must be acquired from a licensed veterinarian no more than 10 days prior to the scheduled transport date.

Helpful Information

  • Please allow your dog to potty before leaving for the ride home. Give your dog frequent potty breaks on the 1st day 
  • Provide fresh water & food when you take the dog home. If your dog has diarrhea with the new brand of dog food, please give 1/2 of dog food & 1/2 of boiled white rice mixed in. Your dog will be stressed from the long travel so please give the dog some quite time to take rest. It usually takes few days to get adjusted with the new people & home. 
  • Your dog been through a lot so please be patient with him/her.  
  • Do not leave your new dog unsupervised with small children.  
  • If you have other pets, monitor both pets until you are confident they accept each other as family member. 
  • If you have other dogs at home, introduce to them on neutral territory
  • Obedience training is the best way to bond with your new family member and ensure their safety, and your happiness. Obedience class also gives insurance that they will always be a welcomed member of your family. Untrained dogs historically end up not being welcome in the house, on trips or worse - end up in a shelter.
  • If you are purchasing an animal from someone that you do not know personally, we strongly recommend that you request proof of a clear physical examination from a qualified veterinarian. This additional measure will insure that you are buying a healthy animal and avoid any difficulties that might arise during or after delivery.
  • Please remember this is a very long transport for the animals and they have already gone through so much change in their lives. Stress from the transport, change in climate, change in food, etc. may still bring out a cold or kennel cough once they arrive up north. Just like people, some animals are more sensitive to change and more susceptible to come down with something.

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